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Publishing Services

Newel has efficiency in the data conversion display for the world’s prominent publisher’s qualified and intellectual publishing nation and university presses.

We have devised front-end XML System at the same time delivery to print, web and electronic media, we can more personal expectations the work flow to take care of delivery at different stages of the publishing cycle.

Newel completely conduct huge document typesetting project in the following categories



To reduce product development and operation costs, publishers are on the lookout for service providers to help create content for their valued customers in various domains: education, science, finance, legal and medicine, to name a few. Newel Data Solutions provides both onshore and offshore editorial services in the form of pre-editing, language and subject editing, abstracting and indexing. Newel Data Solutions is a reputed editorial service provider among world’s largest STM/Professional, Trade and Education publishers and content developers. Our editorial team possesses skills and specializations in distinct areas such as editing and authoring services, content creation, abstracting and indexing. We mark our presence in various domains such as:

Our team of qualified professionals ensures the knowledge process of outsourcing beyond any strategic editorial or operational challenges. We believe in automating and fine tuning processes and platforms continuously to increase customer's business value.

  • Academics
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities and social science
  • Finance and trade
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Business communications
  • Encyclopedia
  • Dictionary
  • Catalogue
  • Directory

Copy Editing

Our editorial team comprises highly dedicated and experienced professional editors whose experiences in the books, journals, scientific, technical, medical, social sciences, and humanities fields.

  • Correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar errors
  • Preserve consistency in copy style and figures
  • Maintaining legends and references
  • Checking for completeness of the manuscript
  • Ensuring flow of text

Proof Reading

We are specialists in providing high-quality proofreading services that ensure content is accurate and consistent.

Composition & Typesetting

Newel present entire composition services for the production of journals, books, magazines and Main Reference works.

We have developed XML-first work flow in industry standard publishing systems (3B2, Adobe Indesign, Quark Express and Frame marker) and open source system (Latex)

The composition team use the standard production process and technologies to knob plain text as well as complicated content, we initially convert the content to a standard neutral file format (XML) entirely protect the content honest.

We handling template-driven layouts for composition our large collection of layout designs area from separate/Various list and single/four-color in extension to exclusive designs for educational books.

Artwork & Graphic Design

Our artwork and graphic design services provide an established visual content rather than just textual content. If you are looking for quality graphics rendering or graphics creation services, we are there to aid you. Our creative team of designers and artists has the ability to create four-color artwork based on photographs, graphics and books. Our graphics team understands the power of visual media since it covers more audience space than textual content. We design high-quality creative images, which enhance the readers’ visual experience. Some of our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creative illustrations
  • Medical illustrations
  • Situational and cartoon art
  • Image creation, assembling and manipulation
  • Children’s art
  • Image redrawing, relabeling and masking
  • Technical drawings
  • Disk processing
  • Art touch up
  • Cover design
  • Color correction
  • Resolution improvement

Indexing and Tagging

Newel improves your electronic content by handling XML based indexing tagging and labeling. This promotes creation of so important exploration outcome and prepares content authority extensible, searchable and simply available for the future. Our team is experienced in indexing for journals, books.

Project Management Services:

Unresolved factors such as impractical deadlines, stubborn stakeholders, low-valued tasks, expensive resources and lab our disputes can cause serious damage to the efficiency and smooth running of the project. Newel Data Solutions has experience in providing project management services to streamline the production processes for various publishers and organizations around the globe. Our project management team enhances the sequence of activities required to create, manage and distribute information within the organization, which optimizes the creation of innovative products and services. Some of our proven project management services include:

  • Product Management and Co-ordination
  • Client management and communication
  • Scheduling and follow-ups to meet deadlines
  • Coordinating page corrections
  • Children’s art
  • Image redrawing, relabeling and masking
  • Tracking manuscripts and page proofs
  • Monitoring publishing cost impacts
  • Cast off
  • Status reporting.

Content Transformation Services

Newel has extremely proved its proficiency in convert various types of content into digital format we have a regulated work progress to convert tradition printed report (Both hard copy and soft copy) into digital format or compute cost to the fixed content animation, audio and video streaming)


Newel has expertise in developing handling high-volume conversion projects, including front end to legacy conversions. Our conversion projects include coding in HTML, SGML, XML, LGML, and proprietary markup languages from hard-copy / soft-copy sources. We work on more than DTDs, some of which include DocBook, NLM, NIMAS, JATS, BITS, TEI, DITA, PubMed, and Publisher specific.


Newel has expertise in developing XML DTD (Document Type Definition) / Schema in accordance with specific customer requirements for easy archiving and retrieval of publications.

Data Conversion

Newel Data Solutions offers some of the most advanced data conversion services in the world. Our proprietary software, along with stringent quality control, allows Newel Data Solutions to offer low-cost, high quality data conversion services with quick turn-around time.

Newel Data Solutions has the capability to convert from virtually any format to any other format. The most popular among them are:

Standard input media include:Printed materials, Microfiche and microfilm, Application files, Content databases to: eBooks, XML/HTML/SGML/LGML and other customer specific format.

As conversion comprises two level processes like OCR conversion and coding, we do quality check at every level. Various tools are available in market for validation process. However, we use specific tool for process accordingly to sustain our quality and to yield supreme quality to our clients.

Process handled for digitization followed for XML, XHTML and SGML, GML process. Both have two level quality checks. In order to attain unsurpassed quality we do quality check as quality assurance. Consequently we concentrate more on parsing to avoid any quality feedback

PDF Conversion

Portable Document format is used as a reliable and trusted as digital format, worldwide. It is an Open Standard, multiplatform, extensible, rich in file integrity, more Secure, searchable and easily accessible. PDF files maintain the look of the original document and preserves source file information, regardless of the application used to create them. Newel converts the archival documents into PDF format. The PDF can be supplied as an Image PDF or Text PDF or text behind Image PDF.

Data Entry/Data Capture

  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Data Capture / Collection
  • Copy Past Services
  • From paper/Books with high accuracy and speed
  • From Image files in any format
  • Business Transaction Data entry such as Sales / Purchase / Payroll
  • Yellow Pages and White Pages Keying
  • Data Entry and compilation from Websites
  • Business Card Data Entry
  • Data Entry from Hardcopy/Printed Material
  • Strategic Data Entry into Software Programs and Applications
  • Receipt / Bill Data Entry
  • Patient Records Entry
  • Coupon Redemptions Data Entry
  • Medical Lab Reports
  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Product Registration Card Data Entry
  • Handwritten data entry
  • For Mailing List/Mailing Label
  • Manuscript typing
  • Taped Transcription
  • Insurance Claim Data Entry

Scanning and Indexing

Newel has established an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process that uses three separate OCR engines and digitally compares the output of each engine to create a digital text file of very high accuracy. Newel uses a sophisticated data entry process to extract data. We index using XML technologies for efficient document search and retrieval.

We offer indexing services in many languages - English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and the Nordic languages. Not only can we convert printed and handwritten information, scanned images and microfilms into data, but we can also execute indexing as well as online entry directly onto your servers. We offer data capture services from printed and handwritten sources, such as paper, scanned images and microfilms. We can also perform offline indexing as well as online entry directly onto your servers.

Digital Services

Publishers are regularly view to expand the value of existing and new content for handle in laptop Smartphone and tablets. Newel has developed new solution to convert content as per the publisher’s concern.

We have strong proficiency to develop interactive and media-rich digital publishing solutions for smooth delivery across devices and platforms at an affordable cost.

Along our high-tech proficiency and an qualified eBook publishing team, we offer publishers a genuinely flexible solution for fitting content for eBook devices including the Apple iPad, iPhone, Amazon kindle, Nook, Vital source book shelf, iBook author, windows and Android mobile reader etc.

eBook Development

Advent of eBooks has changed the formal way of reading books. Today more and more publishers are publishing their books into interactive eBooks to make the user's experience of reading books enriching. We at Newel strive to develop eBooks for various Publishers and Educational Organizations across the globe.

We have a talented group of experienced professionals to work on unique requirements of our clients to create interactive eBooks. We’re developing eBooks with adaptability to various electronic book readers and also do multi-lingual conversion (conversion of eBooks in various languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Danish, Turkish and more).

    Our eBook development expertise includes but not limited to:
  • 1. EPUB2, EPUB3 and Kindle conversion
  • 2. Interactive & enhanced eBook conversion
  • 3. Fixed layout eBook conversion for all children & recipe books
  • 4. Read Aloud / Audio Books
  • 5. iBook author (iBA)
  • 6. Book-as-an-App
  • 7. Smart PDFs

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